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Disk problem completely cured in 10 Days - Nadipathy

Spinal Cord Pain Cured in 15 days @ Nadipathy - Kakinada

Disc Problem Cured in Single Treatment @ Nadipathy - Kakinada

L4L5 lower Back, Headace, Sciatica,Cervical Spodilites, Gastic,Eye,Body Pains Cured Nadipathy

L4-L5 Back Pain cured in 4 Days - Nadipathy

L4,L5 Disc Bulge cured in two weeks treatment - Nadipathy

Back pain Completely relief in 10 Days Treatment - Nadipathy

C4 C5, C5 C6 Disc Bulge and L2 L5, spondylosis cured in Nadipathy

L4-L5 Disc bulge Cured in 4 Days Treatment - Nadipathy

Spine straighten within 7 days at the age of 77 years - Nadipathy

Thyroid, Sugar normal and All Joint pains are completely relief in 15 days - Nadipathy

Thyroid Cured in 15 days - NADIPATHI

Thyroid, Knee pains, Sugar, Eye Problems, Cervical Spondlites, Gastick....Cured -Nadipathy

Thyroid Problems Cured by Nadipathy treatment

Cervical Spondylitis, L4 L5 S1, Vertigo and Gastric problems are cured in Nadipathy

Cervical, BP and Plantar Fascia problems are got cured in 10 days - Nadipathy

Cervical Spondylosis and Gastric problems are cured in 15 days - Nadipathy

L4L5 and Cervical Spondylosis cured in 13 days Treatment - Nadipathy

Cervical Spondylosis Cured and Diabetes Controlled in 16 Days Treatment in Nadipathy

Cervical and Gastric problems cured in Nadipathy

Cervical spondylosis cured in 9 days Nadipathy

Migraine Headache ,C4-C5 Cervical Spondylosis Cured - Nadipathy

Cervical Spondylosis (c4c5-c5c6) cured With Nadipathy Treatment

Cervical spondylosis cured in 2 minutes - Nadipathy

Cervical Spondylitis, Gastic problems cured in 4 Days - Nadipathy

Cervical Spondylites C5 C6 Cured in 4 days @ Nadipathy - Kakinada

Knee pains and Cervical Pain completely cured in 8 days treatment - Nadipathy

Knee Pains Cured in 6 Treatments in Nadipathy

Knee problem cured after 10 sittings of treatment by Nadipathy

Knee Pains Cured 10 treatments Nadipathy

Knee Ligment-Problem-Cured single Treatment-Nadipathy

Knee problems control in 3 Days - Nadipathy

Knee pains cured in 8 Days Treatment - Nadipathy

Knee Problem cured in 5 Days - Nadipathy

Knee Pains Problem cured with Nadipathy

Knee pains cured in 4 days treatment in Nadipathy



  • Research Center @ Kakinada

    Nadipathy Research Foundation

    Upstairs of Bank of Baroda,
    Ramanayyapeta, Kakinada, East Godavari District,
    Andhra Pradesh, India.
    Contact 0884-2372345,
    Mobile: +91 8885 011 323 / 326.

  • Branch @ Hyderabad


    Vydehi Nagar, Opp: Sri Indu PG College,
    Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
    Ph: 040-24242345,
    Incharge: Dr. K. Rajesh
    Timings: 6 A.M To 6 P.M (Every Day)
    Mobile: 088850 11321/ 322 / 324,
    USA: +1 - 857 - 245 - 0605

  • Nadipathy Global Centre @Kakinada


    Do-No: 2-537,
    Aishwaryaambica Temple Street (Sripeetam),
    Behind: Bank of Baroda,
    Ramanayyapeta, Kakinada.
    In charge: Dr.P. Vijaya Lakshmi,
    Timings: 6 A.M to 6 P.M (Monday to Saturday)
    Telephone no: 0884-2372345
    Mobile: 08885011323.08885011326